Bliss! Comfort Roller Blend


What are roller blends?
Roller blends are oils that are pre-mixed in a roller bottle so that it is convenient to use and easy to bring around.

How do we use roller blends?
Depending on the recipe and its intended use, roller blends are commonly applied:
i) On the temples
ii) Behind the ears
iii) At the back of the neck
iv) Under the nose
v) On mosquito bites and pimples

Bliss! Comfort Roller Blend Recipe

15 drops Organic Peppermint Oil
15 drops Organic Lavender Oil
5 drops Chamomile Oil
Dilute with Organic Almond Oil


This recipe is designed for 10ml roller bottles.
(You can find the bottles in "Essential Oils: Other Supplies").
Add the Organic Peppermint, Organic Lavender and Chamomile Oil into an empty roller bottle.
Top up the roller bottle with Organic Almond Oil.
Attach the roller top to the bottle and shake well.
The blend is now ready to be used.

Bliss! Comfort Roller Blend Uses:

To relieve Running nose or Sinus:
Rub the oil under the nose

To relieve Headache or Migraine:

Rub the oil on the temples or behind the ears

To relieve Giddiness or Motion Sickness:
Rub the oil under the nose and on the temples

To relieve itch and swelling from insect bites:

Rub the oil directly on the insect bite

To repel insects:
Dab the oil on parts of the arms and legs
(Yes, both peppermint and lavender have mosquito repelling properties!)

i) Depending on personal preference, you may adjust the recipe to your liking:
10-20 drops Organic Peppermint Oil
10-20 drops Organic Lavender Oil
3-8 drops Chamomile Oil
Dilute with Organic Almond Oil

ii) For use on babies or young children, please use this diluted recipe:
3 drops Organic Peppermint Oil (omit if user is prone to eczema)
3 drops Organic Lavender Oil
3 drop Chamomile Oil
Dilute with Organic Almond Oil

iii) For a more economical blend, you may replace the following oils:
Organic Peppermint Oil --> Regular Peppermint Oil (more spicy!)
Organic Lavender Oil --> Regular Lavender Oil
Organic Almond Oil --> Regular Almond or Fractionated Coconut Oil
You may omit the Chamomile Oil.

1. Organic Oils are recommended for children and individuals with sensitive skin because they are less likely to cause an adverse reaction.
2. As with all new products that you apply directly on the skin, do a patch test on your elbow to ensure there is no adverse reaction.
3. Fun FACT: It takes 60kg of chamomile flowers to produce 30ml of pure chamomile oil, hence the hefty price tag.