Bliss! Rebates - Save as You Shop with Bliss! Points

Every time you make a purchase on BlissLiving.SG, you will receive Bliss! Points based on your total purchase amount.
Convert Bliss! Points to Bliss! Vouchers which you can use on your next purchase! It is a great way to shop and save and the same time!

This is how it works:

  1. For every dollar that you spend on BlissLiving.SG, you will receive 3 Bliss! Points (equivalent to 3% rebates).
    During DOUBLE rebates promotion, receive 6 Bliss! Points for every dollar spent (equivalent to 6% rebates).
  2. Your points will be available 24h after your items are delivered or collected.
  3. To check your Bliss! Points, simply go to Bliss! Points at the bottom of our Homepage.
  4. To convert your points to vouchers, you need to redeem a minimum of 100 points. (100 points = S$1).
  5. After you have redeemed your points, your vouchers will be reflected in Bliss! Vouchers.
  6. When placing your next order, your available Bliss! Vouchers will automatically be used to offset the purchase.
  7. Bliss! Vouchers can be used on top of all available discounts and there is no minimum purchase required.
  8. Once Bliss! Points are redeemed and converted to Bliss! Vouchers, they cannot be converted back to Bliss! Points.
  9. Please redeem your Bliss! Points only when you are ready to use them.
  10. Bliss! Points and Bliss! Vouchers expire after 1 year, and they cannot be exchanged for cash.

Available Points: $(AvailablePoints)
Pending Points: $(PendingPoints)
For more information about Bliss! Points, please see the Bliss! Points Terms & Conditions.